WordPress maintenance packages

Keep yours or your client's websites up to date, protected against security threats and maintained to run effectively.

WordPress management

Why you need a WordPress maintenance package

Just like updating your phone or taking your car for a service, your WordPress website needs regular maintenance and updates. These will guarantee the best performance possible and give your visitors an exceptional user experience. Our maintenance packages help you avoid pitfalls, such as slow page speed or out of date content, that could cause web users to leave your site and take their business elsewhere. 

Website care packages

What does WordPress maintenance involve?

As part of our WordPress maintenance, your website be kept up and running via premium cloud hosting on our fast and secure servers. We’ll run automatic daily security scans and monitoring to detect security vulnerabilities and block malicious traffic, such as hacking attempts. If you ever need to restore your site to a previous version, you’ll always have a copy with our daily site and server backups.

What kind of WordPress maintenance are you looking for?

For my agency

Add a new revenue stream to your business by working with us to offer fully managed white label WordPress care plans to your client base.

For my business

Partner with our talented team to keep your website running as it should, leaving you to focus on what you do best, running your business.

Frequently asked

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Is there a minimum term for your WordPress maintenance packages?

No, all of our packages are 30-day rolling contracts, you are not tied into any lengthy contracts and can cancel if you need to.

What are WordPress Multisite Networks and do you provide maintenance packages for them?

A Multisite Network is a type of WordPress installation that lets you create and manage a network of multiple websites from a single database. We can provide a maintenance package to manage your WordPress Multisite Network, but as this is a little more complex and requires additional work to set up, we’d have to quote it separately. Just send us an email about your requirements (e.g. the number of websites in your network and any relevant plugins they use) and we’ll put together a package specific to your WordPress Multisite Network.

What if I have more than one website that needs managing?

No problem. We're happy to manage multiple websites and do so for many existing clients and other agencies too. Every month, we’ll send you a detailed report for each website with information on its analytics, backups completed, site speed, plugins and core updates. 

Does an out of date website affect SEO?

Yes, if nothing has changed on your website for a while or the information you provide is out of date, Google will consider this stagnant and penalise your search rankings. From a software point of view, out of date plugins can significantly slow down a website. Google will rank you further down on the search engine results pages if your site is too slow to load or has expired SSL certificates. WordPress mainteance will help to alleviate this.

We’re a web agency – can we white label website care for our clients via Saunders Digital?

Yes, absolutely. Many of our clients are other agencies. We’d be happy to work on a white label basis and provide care for your client's websites. We can white label every part of the package so your client wouldn't even know it's us managing thier site. You can find out more about white labelling here.

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