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For your website to offer the best performance and remain protected from security threats, it will need regular updates. With a website care package, we’ll take care of your website’s WordPress software and plugin updates, so you don’t have to.
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WordPress maintenance

As part of our WordPress maintenance, your website be kept up and running via premium cloud hosting on our fast and secure servers. We’ll run automatic daily security scans and monitoring to detect security vulnerabilities and block malicious traffic, such as hacking attempts. If you ever need to restore your site to a previous version, you’ll always have a copy with our daily site and server backups.

One of the biggest reasons to invest in a WordPress maintenance plan is for your security. WordPress updates provide fixes for bugs and vulnerabilities to your website, stopping hackers from stealing yours or your customers’ data. Our care packages also involve website backups, so you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that if needed, you can restore your website to a previous version.

What's included?

Premium cloud hosting

We’ll provide fast and secure website hosting through Cloudways, an industry-leading, high-performance cloud platform.

WordPress software updates

We’ll keep your website up to date with the latest WordPress software releases, helping fix security vulnerabilities.

Plugin software updates

Out-of-date plugins are the biggest sources of website hacks. We'll update yours to ensure minimal security risks.

Daily site and server backups

Using our remote management software, we'll back up your entire site daily and the entire server too – so you’ll always have a copy.

Site security monitoring

We'll install a web application firewall (WAF) on your site to instantly block access from any malicious traffic, such as hack attempts.

Daily security scans and checks

We also run automatic daily scans of the files across your website, a key security measure to detect potential incoming threats. 

Monthly analytics and site report

Every month, we’ll send you a report detailing your website analytics, backups completed, plugins and core updates, and much more.

Ongoing work to your site

We'll carry out work on your site, ranging from adding a new team member on your About page, through to creating a whole new page.

Scalable hosting to meet your needs

Our website care plans include shared hosting, however, if your website traffic increases or you know you’ll have more visitors during a specific event or timeframe, your hosting can be scaled up to cope with higher demand.

We partner with Cloudways to provide dedicated servers, which are ideal for high traffic sites and ecommerce stores. Know you have customers in different countries? We make it easy to reach them with servers deployed in data centres worldwide.
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