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Do you know if your website is backed up? It defiantly should be. Let us handle your WordPress website backup with our maintenance plans.

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Why you need a backup of your website

Having an up to date backup of your WordPress website is essential. Wether you make a mistake on the site and need to roll back to an earlier version or worst case your website is subject to a hack, having a backup you can rely on is absolutely key.

Daily backups for your website

All of our WordPress maintenance plans include daily backups as standard. We run a backup early in the morning every day and have a copy of the site in its entirety and our servers, providing two copies of the data if they are ever needed to be restored. If you are looking to keep your website safe and secure with a daily backup, please complete the form below and someone will be in touch very soon!

Frequently asked

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Why do I need a backup of my website?

Having a backup of your WordPress website gives you total peace of mind in case of any issues on your site, you can simply roll back the website to the backed up version. Backups are also great for accidental deletion or human error, once again just roll back.

How often do you backup client websites?

If the client is on one of our WordPress maintenance plans, we'll backup the website daily. In some cases for high traffic sites or e-commerce we'll backup more regularly than this.

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