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WordPress security is an essential part of the successful running of a website, if left unmanaged the consequences could be catastrophic.

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Website security

Website security is an often overlooked part of running a WordPress website. Hack attempts happen often and keeping your site protected is essential. By keeping your WordPress software and plugins up to date, you can protect yourself from potential software vulnerabilities saving your website from hacks. All our WordPress maintenance plans include software updates as standard for this very reason. We also actively monitor all activity happening on the website to ensure the site is as secure as can be at all times.

Best WAF for WordPress

A WAF (web application firewall) is a key part of maintaining a secure and healthy website. We use WordFence WAF on all of our managed websites, WordFence will constantly monitor all activity on the website such as login attempts, password resets and even 2FA, if it detects something unusual the WAF will block it completely. Many sites have multiple attempts per day to be accessed by un-authorised users, a WAF will help keep these at bay.

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