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Having fast and reliable WordPress web hosting for your site is essential to ensure your business is always available to your customers. We partner with leading provider Cloudways to provide both dedicated servers and shared hosting for your website.

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We can provide a variety of WordPress web hosting options for your business, whether that be shared hosting on our servers for a brochure style website or a dedicated scalable server for a busy e-commerce store.

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Ensuring optimal website speed is crucial for enhancing user experience, boosting search engine rankings, and driving successful conversions for your business. Elevate your online presence with our high-performance cloud hosting on Cloudways, guaranteeing swift website loading times. Provide your visitors and customers with a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience. Don’t compromise on your website’s potential by choosing slow hosting. Contact us today to get started.

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What is web hosting?

Web hosting is required to keep your website on the internet. Your newly designed and developed website can’t live online without it. Where we come in is by offering space for you to rent on our UK-based servers. This is known as shared hosting and a number of other websites live here on this server too. The infrastructure is all designed to store, process and deliver website files and data quickly and securely.

What is a VPS and do I need one?

A VPS is a virtual private server, this is a server that is exclusively for your website and not shared with anyone. We’d recommend this for websites with high traffic, such as e-commerce sites. Without going too technical, e-commerce stores have higher performance requirements and use more resources than static websites – especially when they’re busy. As your business grows, we can scale up your private servers to be more powerful and handle even more website traffic.

Where are your servers located?

We have servers deployed across the world for various clients, depending on their location. Naturally, as a UK based company most of our servers are in London, however we're able to deploy servers in data centres worldwide.

Who provides your servers?

We work with Cloudways to provide servers and hosting for our clients. As a Cloudways agency partner, we work closely with Cloudways to ensure our clients are consistently getting the best performance for their website. Cloudways servers are designed for WordPress web hosting meaning you can be sure your WordPress website will perform at it's best when hosted with us.

How much does WordPress web hosting cost?

Shared hosting is included with all of our WordPress maintenance packages as standard. Depending on the website we may suggest a VPS (Virtual Private Server) if required which will incur additional cost depending on the server specification.

Can I host my website with you, without one of your maintenance plans?

Generally, we recommend all clients to take out a maintenance plan as it has many benefits other than hosting, however in some cases we will provide hosting only, please contact us with your requirements for more information.

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