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Are you in the manufacturing industry and looking for a new website for your manufacturing business? Our specialist team of manufacturing web designers will build a bespoke website, fine tuned to your requirements.

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Manufacturing Web Development

An effective manufacturing website design goes beyond just showcasing what you do and sell, it should also build trust with the visitor and showcase credibility.

Case studies are an important part of a successful manufacturing website giving your customers proof of what your capabilities are. We’ll be sure to highlight USPs and key selling points within the case studies and wider website.

ProShop ERP

We are proud to work with ProShop ERP, a market leader in ERP manufacturing software in America. ProShop approached Saunders Digital to re-build their manufacturing software site because their website was performing poorly. Slow load speed was a major problem and had a negative knock-on effect on the performance of their marketing campaigns.

We drastically improved the speed of ProShop ERP’s website. Originally, the site ranked ‘poor’ on Google PageSpeed, achieving a score of 0-49 and taking over 10 seconds to load. As a result of our development work and hosting the site on our virtual private server, ProShop ERP’s new website rocketed to a ‘good’ score of 90+.

We continue to manage ProShop’s website every month. Get in touch using the contact form below to build your manufacturing website.

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