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An exceptional event planner needs an exceptional website. If you are an event planner looking for a new website, our specialist team of event planner web design & developers will build a bespoke website, to showcase your events in all their glory and generate new leads.

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Event planner websites

Designing an exceptional event planner website involves more than just presenting your services. It’s about building trust with visitors and showcasing credibility through effective web design and development.

A successful event planner web design should ensure case studies take centre stage. They provide compelling evidence of your capabilities, offering real-world examples to potential clients. Prospective clients rely on your information being presented perfectly to inform their purchasing decision. Our focus is on strategically incorporating unique selling propositions (USPs) and key strengths not only within these case studies but also seamlessly throughout your entire event planner website.

The Events Mill

We are proud to work with The Events Mill, a leading London based event planning and design agency. Christopher, Creative Director at The Events Mill approached us to beautifully showcase how he produces extraordinary, immersive experiences that are anything but traditional. He needed exceptional web design that wasn’t corporate or un-interesting, we produced an immersive event planning website that showcases The Events Mill’s exceptional events in the best light possible.

We also built a variety of landing pages optimised for SEO for each area of The Events Mill, these included location based pages and niche service pages to capture all potential traffic. Many of these pages give The Events Mill a high ranking on Google currently.

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